Friday, 30 June 2017

Taylor's Wedding

J is a groomsman for his best mate Taylor are the boys in their suits. J can hardly sit down in his due to the difficulty of getting something to fit his weightlifting legs. Big M is the US at the moment. Both kids have finished their mid year exams now - M back to work at the cafe this afternoon.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Feles sepem finita est

This will be the family motto from now on. The shield will be 2 fluffy black and white lions rampant on a field of rabbit entrails.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

What a big break in blogging! Another fairly tough year health wise for the household. Main reason to start blogging again now is J and his mum are in the US. So here a some pictures of the new cat fence to prove that a) I am actually doing something and b) it is hot here!

Little M has was working at the cafe all last week and had a few days off planned, but the continuing hot weather is stretching the staff a bit, so she has headed in to work again this afternoon.

Kids walked the overland track at Christmas BY THEMSELVES! Think they had a good time but they got the bit between their teeth and were only out for three nights instead of the five nights of peace and quiet we had hoped for.Third day they walked 31k. Guess they will both have to do it again slower!

And dont forget your mobile phone so you can call your parents on Boxing Day to come and 150km to pick you up!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Visitors and Getaways

We all went up to Turners Beach to see Anna when she came home from Melbourne. Stayed at the Ulverstone caravan park which was very nice - luckily no trains the night we were there! Anna still really unwell but a bit more positive now she is home. Kim hovering around her like a mother plover.

M & R finally managed to meet up with Sue in Sydney - we have been talking about this for years.

Rented a nice Meriton apartment - harder to find than you would expect, there are about 5 Meriton badged buildings within 2 blocks! Also the address was one of those odd Sydney 'somthing or other square' addresses which can be quite hard to locate.

Eric and Dominique came to visit for a few days. M and R took them down to Cygnet and Eric finally managed the swim in Tasmania he has been after for years.

Thursday, 30 June 2016


M&M went to Paris! Much fun had by all. J & R stayed home and relaxed with some weightlifting.